As the Center for Spatial Justice, we have been using “walking” as a method to understand and investigate the city ever since our establishment, and carry out workshops, events, and research on this axis. We believe that walking has an important place in urban studies, that relationships with history, different social groups, and places are established by walking, and that the opportunity to access information without intermediaries is thus created.

In the past two years, we organised eight thematic walking events within Istanbul, where we experienced and documented various geographical, urban, and social conditions. Together with academics, we determined the stops of these routes which would convey their own political ecology. Photographers, videographers, and artists as well as experts joined our walks along these routes. We invited researchers, associations, and societies that make use of the practice of walking in their research/ activism or conduct walking-oriented efforts themselves to the New Walking Practices, the closing event of our project, where we discussed the possibilities and limits of “new walking practices”. In this booklet, these researchers and societies describe their work and give us their advice on walking.