MAD participates in the exhibition ‘Past Present Istanbul’ with a 3D video mapping installation titled ‘Canal Istanbul: A Dystopia’. The installation focuses on Istanbul’s spatial justice agenda just before major transformations, which will result from mega-projects and rapid housing development along the Küçükçekmece, Sazlıdere, and Terkos basins lying between the Marmara and the Black Sea coasts.

In preparation for the installation, MAD’s field team has traveled along the land and seaway to record the present condition of the 45 km-long route. They identified problems such as forced displacement, ecosystem destruction, endangered water resources, adverse effects on agriculture and animal husbandry, overdevelopment, coastal filling and debris, the destruction of historical and natural heritage in conversation with local people, experts, and local authorities.

You can visit the exhibition at Sakıp Sabancı Museum between 3 September and 28 November 2021.