Sıkça Sorulan Sorular – THE:PLACE

Q1. Is it admissible if applicant CSO would like to make a collaboration with a local authority out of its district?

A1. Yes, it is possible even though the program prefers collaborations within your local area. In the application form you will be asked to explain why this collaboration is relevant. Please be as specific as possible, so to help us best understanding the type and relevance of your relationship with that local authority.

Q2. May applicants apply from a candidate country to the EU?

A2. Unfortunately, only Turkey and EU members based CSOs are eligible to apply.

Q3. Would it be a problem for the assessment if CSO had zero income in the last fiscal year, due to the pandemic and restrictions related to that?

A3. The financial operational capacity is one of the evaluation criteria, as to guarantee the capacity of the NGO to manage cash flow, etc. Please do explain in the application form your reasons for your current situation. We will take those exceptional cases into consideration at the evaluation process, if they have reasonable ground.

Q4. Are the associations of local authorities eligible for the collaboration CSOs would like to establish or strengthen?

A4. Yes, they are acceptable for collaboration along with municipalities and metropolitan municipalities.

Q5. Are federations of associations eligible to apply?

A5. If the federation of associations is registered as an association itself, it is eligible. The confirmation for this criterion will be proven with the legal status document of the organization. The federations who have an association status can apply by choosing the “association” choice within the application form and by uploading the related legal status document to the system.

Q6. I would like to know what exactly means Local Authority, does it necessarily involve a State authority, or other civil society authorities can be taken into consideration?

A6. With Local Authority we mean State actors at the city level: either municipalities, metropolitan municipalities or associations of local authorities acting at the local, or district level / district municipalities, metropolitan municipalities or associations of local authorities acting at the local or district level in Turkey.

Q7. What kinds of costs will be eligible costs during the project period?

A7. Costs related to project management (human resources, travels & accommodation, material, communication, etc.) The coverage will be detailed at the time of the project period.

Q8. Should CSOs find partners for the projects before the programme application?

A8. No, you don’t need to. Partnerships will be built through the matchmaking, intensive coaching and online learning programme activities among pre-selected 10 Turkey and 10 EU based CSOs.

Q9. If it’s possible for a European CSO to pick the Turkish CSO/L.A they’d like to work with, or are the pairs made only by you?

A9. The application is intended for individual organisations from the EU and Turkey which will be later matched in the course of the programme. However, it is also possible to indicate a preferred partner from the EU (if the applicant is located in Turkey) and vice-versa.

Q10. I would like to know if the 25.000 euros grant includes the trips (hotel, flight, food and so on) to Istanbul, Bruxelles and project planning too or these costs will be financed with further funds.

A10. No, the programme’s budget will cover travel and accommodation costs to the events in Istanbul and Brussels separately. The 25.000€ grants will be reserved for the projects related costs.

Q11. I would like to receive some feedback, some details of the selection criteria.

A11. CSO will be selected on the basis of their interest, motivation and willingness to engage along the whole project. Please note that the project language will be English, and participants are expected to be proficient in this language in order to favour the exchange. The evaluation grid will be provided on the project pages on ALDA’s and MAD’s websites.